About Us

Bethesda (Ang Mo Kio) Kindergarten Pte Ltd is a Christian Preschool registered with the Ministry of Education since 1986. The Kindergarten aims to make learning for pre-school children fun, exciting and meaningful.

(Increasing) in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men. - Luke 2:52

Our Vision (愿景)

To be a preschool where everyone learns, plays and grows joyfully in the knowledge of God.

一所让每一位在喜乐中热爱学习, 尽情玩乐, 茁壮成长和认识神的幼儿园。

Our Mission (使命)

We aim to provide a dynamic environment for lifelong learning.


Our Philosophy (理念)

Everyone is a unique individual who needs God.

每一位都是一个性格独特的人, 需要神的呵护。

Our Core Values (价值)

  • Thankfulness (懂得感恩)
  • Thoughtfulness (关怀体贴)
  • Perseverance (坚持到底)
  • What former students say

    Below are testimonials from 5 siblings who graduated from our kindergarten

    Koh Kai Kee - 18 years old

    Bethesda AMK Kindergarten: 2005

    It’s been more than a decade since i graduated from Bethesda Kindergarten but the pleasant memories of my days in that iconic green uniform still remains etched in my mind. My foundation in English was built during my kindergarten education as i learnt to read and write for the first time, and i cannot be more thankful for the holistic education i received during my 1 short year at the school. The first few lines i memorised for my Chinese graduation speech continues to ring in my head “这些年,我们在贝斯达幼稚园里,我们快快乐乐地生活在一起.....”

    Koh Kai Ler - 15 years old

    Bethesda AMK Kindergarten: 2006-2008

    Bethesda (AMK) Kindergarten holds many precious memories of my childhood. Many exciting stories still flash through my mind as I recall my days in kindergarten. As a small kid going to school for the first time, I knew nothing about the world outside my own home. The teachers were loving and patiently taught how to do things on our own. By the time I graduated from kindergarten, I was more than ready for primary school. The time I spent studying here was unforgettable and I would pay to go back as it was so fun!

    Koh Kai Ern - 10 years old

    Bethesda AMK Kindergarten: 2011-2013

    I really enjoyed studying in Bethesda (Ang Mo Kio) Kindergarten, I learnt a lot there and it was very fun. The teachers were very caring and kind. I especially enjoyed doing art and craft, learning handbells, having music lessons and pretending to be on an airplane. It has been 4 years since I graduated and I miss going to kindergarten.

    Koh Kai Ray - 16 years old

    Bethesda AMK Kindergarten: 2005-2007

    My years of schooling in kindergarten were very memorable and fun. There were many different classes throughout the day, such as computer, music, phonics and science, besides the usual core subject classes. We also had Bible lessons and play time. All of which were extremely fun and helped me greatly to learn new things and learn new skills. I remember that the teachers who taught me in kindergarten were very caring and passionate, and played a great role in making learning fun. I remember my music teacher, Mrs Koh, teaching us funny new songs that I still remember now. I also enjoyed drawing and making art and craft. I still keep some of my drawings from kindergarten! I found the education I received in kindergarten helped me a lot in primary school, as most of the things taught in the first 2 years was similar to what I had learnt in kindergarten.

    Koh Kai Yi - 13 years old

    Bethesda AMK Kindergarten: 2008-2010

    My time at Bethesda AMK Kindergarten was really fun. The kindergarten balances work and play very well and there was a lot of toys to play with and many good books to read! Playtime and fun activities was part of our learning to let us unleash our creativity. One memorable lesson was about taste and we were allowed to try different foods. There were lots of opportunities to draw and paint, not only during art class. This has helped me a lot in my primary school years in creative problem solving and overall has built a strong foundation for primary school education. I especially enjoyed Music lessons as we could play handbells and learn about many different things. My experience there was so memorable that I can still remember some of my classmate's names! The kindergarten also helped me develop my communicating skills. The teachers are very friendly and caring. We had frequent outings where we could continue to learn outside the classroom. I still have my kindergarten portfolio and looking back at it, I really miss the kindergarten days!